Best Wishes Gift Baskets NZ

Best Wishes Gift Baskets NZ, the home of traditional, lovingly made gift baskets for all occasions. We're dedicated to giving you a basket with a difference, with a focus on creating a unique hand made ribbon bow for each and every basket we make, a choice of colours to choose from to suit the recipient, nationwide delivery and professional service.

Founded in 2016 by Barb, Best Wishes Gift Baskets NZ has come a long way from its beginnings in Wanganui, New Zealand. Her idea was a desire to create a business and share doing something she loves. This lead to undertaking a lot of research, to develop her business idea and bring into reality what she loves to do for people. With constant learning and perfecting of a natural flare, along with working on her basket designs and the use of ribbons, Barb began to create hand made ribbon bows. Unique to each gift basket she makes they are simply a work of art in themselves.

And so, it was official, leading into Christmas 2020, word of mouth worked its' magic and the interest in Best Wishes Gift Baskets NZ grew immensely. Best Wishes Gift Baskets NZ was born. It became so popular that it was time to launch a website, so that everyone could enjoy what we have to offer.